Friday, 24 February 2012


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Here is the first commercial that was produced with this model, and below is the sequel which came out in 2014 and continues the story of this couple.


If you like the attractive man in the Trivago tv ad, then follow on to read this article and view the videos and photos of him. I have tried to write down as much information about him as possible

The Trivago man with that incredible smile is called Christian Goran and he is a model from Sweden, currently working for Premier Model Management. He is also a photographer and a pilot. His photography is rather haunting and you can see his work on his site  He was born April 7, 1982 which as of today's date makes him 30 years old. 

Height 6'1.5"
Chest 38
Waist 3l.5
Shoe 9
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown

The music for the Trivago ad is by Kosheen and called All In My Head. 
Below are photos of him and at the bottom are a couple of links of him on you tube.

Christian Goran has also done the ad for Scotch & Soda Denim Collection.


  1. Much more handsome without the beard. It makes him look too sinister. And judging by his wonderfully hairy chest, he must have shaved it for Trivago.

  2. I've been trying to find out who this lovely looking guy is for ages. Thanks for posting all the details. Love a bearded man!

    1. glad to have helped make your day!!!!

  3. Simply and quietly beautiful mmmmm