Monday, 22 October 2012


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This article is really just a warning to anyone who is thinking of placing, what is supposed to be a FREE advert, in order to sell or rent their property on .

It is a warning, suggestion or advice, which ever way you want to take it, for you not to waste your precious time by registering with them or even going as far as filling in your property details and taking the time to upload photos, if you were looking for a free site.

When you register with you are told that you can place a free ad, but this is not so, and whilst they can't get any money out of you unless you agree, this article is to advise people who don't want to spend money when placing ads, to give this site a miss.

Here below is what they say you can do on their site for free:

Advertise Your Property For Free - find buyers/renters for your property fast
  • very busy, thousands of new buyer - seller contacts everyday
  • huge lead database - connect with buyers looking for property in your area
  • up to 12 pictures per listing
  • maps & videos
  • no commissions, no listings limit, no trial period, no time limit
  • free!

It's easy & quick to advertise

  1. Create your Ad text (Just fill the form below)
  2. Check it (click 'Preview My Ad')
  3. Add photos & map [optional] then Confirm & you're done!
BUT ............................................... once you have done all the above, which takes quite some time I might add, you will find out the following:
They advise you to upgrade from a Free Ad to a Gold Ad for (what they say is) a small sum of €15 a month. It's may not be a great deal of money for some, but for people who are out work, it may be much more than they can afford. Secondly when one is trying to advertise a property for sale or for rent, one usually tries out several web sites and so if each site were to charge you to advertise you are going to be even more out of pocket by the end of the month.
One would think, well okay, even if they ask me to upgrade to a Gold Ad, I wont and I'll just stick to the Free Ad, but here comes the point of this article. A Free Ad is completely and utterly useless and I will explain why.
In a Free Ad, you can, as they so rightly say, include all the details of your property, upload photos, state your price and get this ad published and running on the web site.
And when people reply to your ad, will immediately advise you by e-mail that you have received an e-mail from, let's say, Mr. Brown at mbrown@................ but they will block out the end part of the interested party's e-mail. So there is no way that you can reply to this person directly.
You can however reply to them through your message box which you will have assigned to you on But what is the point???? If you try and tell them to write to you directly at your own personal e-mail, this too will get the same treatment. If you ask them to phone you on your cell phone or even land line, these numbers will also have the last six deleted.
So in the end it is a really frustrating situation because there is absolutely no way at all possible for you to get in touch with the person that is interested in your property or they with you, UNLESS of course you upgrade to a Gold Ad. In a Gold Ad e-mails are allowed to be seen as are phone numbers and any kind of details.
So if you have some spare cash to upgrade to a Gold Ad, go ahead with this site by all means, but if you are really counting your pennies, well then don't even waste the time that is needed to fill out all your property details!!!


  1. It is true... and I think the emails we recieve are from their staff, pushing us to pay for the "gold ad", once its structure is alwyas the same; "Is the villa still on the market? If yes, we want to ask you many more detailed questions about it. We have seen a few properties nearby recently. Looking forward for your reply. Thank you "
    Then, you answer it and of course, happens what you said, and the final cut, they invite you to upgrade to gold something ad so that you can see all the details from the email...

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