Sunday, 4 November 2012


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To try and make friends is the first thing to do if you are alone in this world, or feel as if you are, because in reality none of us are completely alone. There is always some human contact throughout your day whether it be talking to your butcher or helping an old lady onto a bus, but most important is not to get nervous about it. You must first be happy with yourself. Make your home as comfortable and as cosy as you can. Always put some nice music on in the background when you are there. Pamper yourself a lot. Dress as nicely as you can and feel happy with the image that you see in your mirror.  Remember that for others to love you, you first have to love yourself.

You must also believe in yourself and know that you have something to offer to other people.  All the people in the world have had experiences, some bad and some good, and so all of us have something to contribute to another person which we have learnt through our experiences.  Feel confident that you could help another person if they needed it.
Once you've done all that, the best thing is to try and join a course or a club. A course is probably the best idea. For example, if you have always liked the idea of being able to paint, well join an art class.  Most of these sort of classes exist in your town and they don't cost very much to join.  You will always meet other people in the classes there, who maybe joined precisely because they felt the same way as you do, and as you paint and learn you can chat to them and find out a little bit more about them.  If you click with someone, in other words you find that one or some of the people that you talk to have something in common with you, you can always ask whether they would like to have a coffee after the class to discuss the points that you have learnt or anything that takes your fancy to talk about.
If you just let things happen, one step will lead to another and I am sure you will end up making a friend.
Just remember also, that to make friends each one has to offer something to the other.  If the new friend that you have made has a problem, really try to help him/her with any advice that you can give.  Make them feel that they can rely on you and that you are a good person to not only talk with but that you will also listen to them.  Listening is a very important part of friendship.

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