Tuesday, 29 January 2013


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I myself don't like Valentines Day at all because I think that it was purely invented by the commercial sector in order to add another day, to the already many days, when they try and coax more money out of us innocent and gullible shoppers!


Who ever said that Valentines Day had to be the day that you sent a token of love to your loved one? You can do that at any time, at any place throughout the whole of the year and in fact it is more original and more personal if you precisely do it on a date of your own choosing instead of having to do it on a date that has been selected for you by shop owners.
But having said all this I have to admit that maybe for the younger couples who possibly haven't even declared themselves to each other enough yet so as to be considered a couple, this day could perhaps be a good excuse for them to take the bull by its horns, as they say here in Spain! and finally get round to showing their girl friend or boy friend that they mean something special.
For the young it has some use because maybe you have been secretly in love with a girl or a boy for the last year but, as you are young and still timid, you just don't know how to go about putting your feelings into words or even making them known. Well on Valentines Day is when you can go out and pick one of those romantic cards, write a smoochy note in it (and also with a subtle clue as to who it is that has written the card), leave it in your loved one's post box and then run away as fast as you can! If she or he really likes you and realises from the subtle clue that it is actually you who has sent the card, then he or she might make the next move and thus enable this relationship to progress.
So I suppose it is not such a bad thing for the young who are all so shy but which is something that tends to disappear with age, so for the older generation we don't really need things like Valentines Day as we tend to just get right down to the point saying I like you, I love you or how about we start living together! Not greatly romantic I must admit but we eventually get where we want to get.
When one is young everything seems such a hurdle, it is so hard to say what you really mean or feel as you have not yet acquired something called 'self confidence' which comes with age when you realise that you are indeed no lesser than anyone else on this planet, but when you are young you haven't yet come to that conclusion and you feel the complete opposite in that you think that everyone is better than you and that you are a nothing, which you certainly are not!. For all those youngsters out there feeling like that in this moment of time, just remind yourself that this is all part of being young and inexperienced, but that as you grow older, which no one likes doing, although maybe as a youngster you want to grow old!, you will be compensated by being given an extra ration of wisdom which is always very useful to have and makes your life much more comfortable and far less daunting.
So my message here is let the young use Valentines Day as their way, because of their shyness, to declare themselves to the one that they love, and for us older ones who are still around let us remember that we don't necessarily need Valentines Day in order to do this and we should continue to show our love for each other throughout the whole of the year without having to buy a card to say what we feel. Just one tender look, one big bear hug or a touch of the hand will say a helluva lot more to us older beings than just sending a card!
Happy Valentines Day to the young and the older which ever way you want to celebrate it!

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