Sunday, 17 February 2013


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Make up is used to enhance your features and sometimes to hide the features that you are not so fond of but in all cases the ideal make up should be applied so that people aren't sure whether you are wearing it or not.   When it is discreet it will nearly always make you look much better than when it is plastered on and so the secret is to know how to apply it effectively.
Depending on your age is when you will decide between using a foundation or a tinted moisturiser.  I myself am of an advanced age and I have only recently learnt that foundations are no longer for me as they really show up the wrinkles much more, so I have switched to a lovely light and fresh moisutriser which has a just a hint of colour in it.  But if you are still young,  you can by all means continue using a good foundation.
Though the first step, what ever your age, and what ever make up you opt for, is to have a very good light and a good mirror.  Many a disaster has been made by applying make up in poor light only to find out when you are in natural daylight that you piled far too much on simply because you couldn't see properly!
For foundations, which are thicker than tinted moisturisers, you need to first apply your every day moisturiser to your face, wait a few seconds for your skin to absorb it and then apply your foundation as that way it will be easier to blend it in evenly.  Remember to make it gradually fade out along the length of your neck as you don't want your face to be tanned and your neck white!
A tinted moisturiser goes on beautifully on your skin, disguises any dark age spots with its colour but at the same time lets your skin breathe and leaves no powdery bits like foundations do.  One of the best choices nowadays is a BB Cream.  Once you have applied this and allowed it to dry a little, usually for about five minutes, you can then apply a soft blusher in either powder or cream form (with a peach tone to it) to your cheek bones, a little on your forehead, bridge of your nose and chin.  With these touches you will already have a nice warm looking tone to your face which you can now work on.
If you have very thin eyebrows a few little lines sketched in with a light brown eye pencil will do wonders.  Smudge them a bit with your finger so that they don't look a harsh straight line but more like real hairs.
Now trace as thin a line as you can with a black kohl pencil along your upper eye lashes and then another line just inside the lower eye lashes.  Apply a soft brown eye shadow on your upper eyelids and finish this off with a good lash lengthening mascara.
To complete the whole look a pale lipstick or even a lip bsalm and you will be ready.
All the colours that you have used are all natural colours such as brown, peach and pale pink so your face will be improved but it won't be a look that people can say 'look at all the layers of make up she has put on!'.  It should, on the contrary, look very natural and enhance the whole of your face rather than leave it looking like a mask.

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